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Discount Car Rental Questions? Frequently Asked Questions.

People renting cars often have very specific questions. Please send us an email with your inquiry.

Some FAQ's include:

Child Safety Seats - Child car seats are always available at pick-up. Seats are available in several sizes to suit infant and children heights and weights. In many Stateschild safety seats are mandatory.

Smoking - All the National car rental companies prohibit smoking in their cars. Cars returned with the smell of smoke are subject to cleaning fees.

Young Driver Fees - Generally renters under 25 are going to be charged a young driver fee. Additionally in most States you must be over 21 years old to rent a car. Young driver fees are usually $25 - $35 per day.

Car Insurance - Generally car insurance is optional, therefore you are liable for damages, if you do not purchase coverage. Many people have car rental coverage as part of their auto insurance or credit card.

Maps and Directions - Car rental companies always provide area maps and directions. Now that smart phones generally have a maps app and a GPS app, it is less important. We encourage people to use their smart phone for navigation, print map at home or in the hotel business center or use the provided maps at the rental counter.