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Car Rental Modifications

Modifications are quite common. Airlines occasionally cancel or adjust flight schedules. Airlines occasionally have flight delays. Its inconvenient for you and causes a ripple effect with your hotel and car rental. No problem for us, you just contact us to modify or cancel a confirmation. There is no cancellation penalty.

Some modifications are as simple as a short delay in the pick-up time. For delays of an hour or less there is not need to do anything. Pickup times are not like doctors appointments. Car Rental companies understand its hard to arrive precisely. Longer delays should probably be reported to the car rental company as soon as possible so that you are not  reported as a "no show" and the reservation canceled by the rental company.

We have only one company that allows modifications to confirmations. Most modifications will require a cancellation and rebook.

When returning a car after the scheduled return time, it is very likely you'll be charged for extra hours or an extra day.


At Discount Car Rental we offer a no risk with no stress policy. When you book with us we do not require payment. Renters pay for there vehicle at pickup. Why is that important? If you book a car, it is very possible that you will have a different credit card by the time you pick it up. Prepaying would mean that you have paid for a service you have not used days, weeks or months in advance. If your plans change you have already paid and then need to get a refund. Therefore, we don't take a credit card until you actually pick-up the vehicle, much easier and no stress about prepaying.


What if you need to cancel? We are happy to cancel your reservation. No hassle, just cancel. There is never a cancellation fee.